Use source control

Please Note: Source Control/Branching is currently only available on paid tiers.

Creating a Branch

To create a branch, click the dropdown next to the Uiflow Icon located on the top panel of the Studio and type the name of your new branch. To create the branch, click the panel that says "Create ${name-of-branch} from ${name-of-parent-branch}". This will automatically redirect you to your new branch.
Creating a new branch

Entering Branch Mode

On the left hand side bar, the last icon will direct you to Branching Mode where you can see a history of changes in your branch.
Switching to Branch Mode

Understanding Branch Mode

At the top of the pop out panel in branch mode, you will see the name of your branch, followed by the number of conflicts with master, the last update (the last time you saved your application), the option to merge, and a search bar with a list that shows the hierarchy of your elements, like that in the Tree panel, but this time with notes that show version history.
In this list of elements colors can help you understand the differences in your version from the parent branch.
  • Green: signifies an addition. In the example above, the new branch has added an Icon to the element
  • Blue: signifies a modification. In the example above, the new branch has changed the copy in two text elements
  • Red: signifies a deletion. In the example above, the Graphs element has been deleted.