Welcome to Uiflow!

An easy-to-use no-code platform for building enterprise apps.

What is Uiflow?

Uiflow is a powerful, intuitive and collaborative application development platform to build and deploy frontend applications without code.
Uiflow brings enterprise extensibility and consumer usability together to transform every company to a software company.
We believe everyone who is a part of a team should be able to directly participate to the development process. This means
  • Designers can create and update design and interaction of the application
  • Programmers can still import code using our CLI and focus on solving problems
  • Non-programmers(technically-minded) can create and update application including business logic and dynamic interactions
  • Content writers can change and update contents without getting access to codebase
  • Product managers can understand the current state of the application and how it is created without setting up the local development environment to test the application
With Uiflow, the readability of code is no longer a blocker for sharing application logic so everyone, programmer or non-programmer, can stay on the same page and iterate quickly.

How do I get started?

You can create a free account to create as many projects as you like.
Sign up here **** and visit Getting Started Page.****
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